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FAQs - Luggage Sale

  • Who has luggage on sale right now?

    Currently, we have an exciting luggage sale going on! Our clearance section offers a variety of luggage, including spinner wheels suitcases and expandable carry-on bags. You can find great deals on both hardside and softside spinner luggage. It's a perfect time to upgrade or add to your luggage collection.
  • When to buy luggage on sale?

    The best time to buy luggage on sale is typically during seasonal transitions or major holiday periods. Keep an eye on our sale and luggage sales events for significant savings, especially if you're looking for high-quality suitcases like a sturdy piece luggage set or a versatile carry-on.
  • What is a good luggage sale price?

    A good sale price for luggage depends on the type and quality of the bag or suitcase. Consider checking out our luggage sales where you can save on items like lightweight luggage or an expandable suitcase luggage. Typically, a discount of 20-50% off the regular price is a fantastic deal.
  • How to tell if your clearance luggage is worth the price?

    When evaluating clearance luggage, look for features like spinner wheels, lightweight design, durability (such as hardside materials), and the sizes available. Compare these features against the sale price to determine the value. Checking reviews and the original price can also help gauge if you're getting a good deal.
  • Can I still get free shipping if I’m buying luggage at a sale price?

    Yes, you can often still receive free shipping when purchasing luggage at a sale price. Be sure to check if there's a promo code or specific conditions to qualify. Sometimes, free delivery is automatically applied during checkout, helping you save even more on your luggage sale purchases.