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The Perks of Becoming a VIT (Very Important Traveler)

Fact: free and easy are the two best words in the English language. Another fact: the CALPAK Very Important Traveler Club is a free and easy way to get insider perks and rewards credit for travel gear—with your first gift being $5 just for signing up!

Male Model with the Ambeur Carry-on in Silver walking through hallway

Model with the CALPAK Ambeur Carry-on Luggage in Silver.

Think about it: you spend a couple of minutes every day just brushing your teeth, sending an email, or liking posts on Instagram. Doesn't take long, right? Well, that's all the time you need to create a CALPAK VIT account: name, email, password, done. Once you have your account, we will literally pay you to refer your friends, follow us on Instagram, leave reviews, and more! It's the easiest money you'll ever make. Plus if you input your birthday, we'll send you $10 just for being born. Happy early birthday!

Are you asking yourself if you can stack & save your points for a later time? The answer is: ABSOLUTELY. AND for every dollar spent at calpaktravel.com, you get 5% cash back to use towards your next purchase. Getting your hands on that Jen Atkin carry-on, Kaya Laptop Backpack, or Luka Belt Bag, has never been so affordable. 😉

Start Shopping As a VIT

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Start Shopping As a VIT

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