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Find Out Exactly What Kind of Weekender You’ve Been Wishing For

CALPAK's weekend getaway flow chart.

Perhaps you're in dire need to get away, take a break, and do some soul searching — we feel you. The tricky part is, you’re limited on budget and PTO, so you only have a weekend’s time to get your quick travel fix. Not to worry! Use our trusty flow chart to find out which weekend getaway you’ve been needing, plus the luggage, travel bags, and travel accessories you should take with you.


Whoever invented staycations should be given an award for “most creative getaway”. Imagine turning your own space into a spa retreat, only you never have to leave your home and you have all the privacy you could ever want. Remember all those days where you skipped your self-care routine? Well, here’s your chance to convert your home into the relaxing retreat you’ve always wanted. Ballin' on a budget definitely has its perks.
Just pop open your Vanity Case with all of your skincare essentials and you’ve already started your self-care staycation!
Traveler with open CALPAK Vanity Case with skincare and makeup essentials.

CALPAK Vanity Case in Trnk Grey with skincare essentials.


How this differs from “Solo Staycation” is that although you do stay local, you venture off to places around your city (or neighboring cities) that you’ve always wanted to visit. Whether it’s an outdoor swap meet, a restaurant pop-up, visiting a friend across town, or running all of your errands, you should feel refreshed after this weekend.
Take any size Baye Hat Box with you so you can stash your snacks, extra outfits, cosmetics bag, and more with you throughout the weekend.
Traveler with large CALPAK Baye Hat Box in silver.

Large CALPAK Baye Hat Box in silver.


Need to spend some quality time with your significant other? A two-day turnaround will do just the trick. Drive somewhere a few hours away or take a short flight to an unexpected destination. Book a reservation at a five-star restaurant you’ve been looking forward to trying and make it an elevated “date night” in weekend form. You both deserve to splurge every once in a while.
You’ll both need to be traveling in style. Take our favorite weekender bags like the Stevyn Duffel and Hue Carry-On for your partner, and Hue Carry-On with matching Packing Cubes for yourself.


If Sex In The City has taught us anything, it’s learning how to navigate around a city with your best friends. There’s nothing like exploring on foot and taking public transportation to feel like a local, no matter which city you visit. From visiting monuments, to bar hopping, to going to a comedy show, to shopping, taking a weekend to show off your best outfits to explore is the best idea.
Just like your friends, your Kaya Laptop Backpack is your loyal BFF. With a pocket for just about anything, you’ll all be happy to have fashionable backpacks with different colors to match your personalities.


If you’ve been feeling like you need to switch up your daily routine, you’re ready for a weekend adventure outdoors. Wake up and smell the fresh air on a relaxing camping trip, a scenic hike, or even a beach getaway. Get some well-needed vitamin D and book an outdoor excursion!
Quick and easy (just like this trip) is the Luka Belt Bag. Carry all of your essentials in this belt bag to keep you hands-free while you’re busy adventuring.


Cue Britney Spears’ big screen debut, Crossroads, because you and your BFF are going on a road trip. Don’t forget to make some stops in order to discover unexpected towns, shops, and interesting restaurants. We already have your #1 essential: a fire playlist that both of you can sing along to with no judgment.
Stay comfy on the road with the best neck pillow to wear in all different ways. Since you’ll be taking a car, it’s best to pack your most compact carry-on suitcases in order to make room for your #2 essential: snacks.
CALPAK Silk Travel Set in mustard bandana.

Wherever you decide to go and whichever travel bags you decide to bring, enjoy the bliss of a couple days out of office. We promise you'll come back feeling refreshed and recharged until your next weekender!

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