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DIY Nail Art with Mini Baye

Spring 2020 nail art trends.

Spring 2020 nail art trends.

    • Social distancing has our nail game looking not so strong these days. It has, however, resulted in a lot of nail inspo reasearch on Pinterest. CALPAK's designer, Shelby, decided to give a DIY mani a try and grabbed her Mini Baye manicure kit to get to work. Here are Shelby's step by step instructions for an adorable fried egg manicure.  


Gather a large droplet of white nail polish on the end of the applicator. Press the droplet onto the nail. (Use a smaller droplet for your pinky and ring finger)


Grab a small pen tool (like a tooth-pick, bobby pin, or nail art tool) to move the white nail polish around and create your desired "egg" shape.


Let the white dry. Depending on the thickness of the polish you put on your finger, it may take a little longer than usual.


Gather a small droplet of the yellow nail polish on the end of the applicator. Lightly dab the end of the applicator into the center of the white "egg" shape. Try not to move the applicator too much, or else your egg will become runny. (Haha, I'm so funny).


Let the yellow droplet dry.


Once both colors have completely dried, apply a clear coat for a glossy finish!

Shelby with fried egg manicure and CALPAK Mini Baye in Trnk Nude.

Photos courtesy of Pinterest and Shelby Taylor.

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