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5 Things We've Learned About Travel On TikTok

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90% of our saved TikToks are of food, dogs, and babies. However, the remaining 10% are very important - all DIY hacks and travel tips! Yes, TRAVEL TIPS. Not only can you catch a good laugh here and there, you can discover some amazing insider secrets like new, and unique places, and how to score deals on tickets!

Here's what we've learned so far...

        • #1. It's really easy to save money when booking your flight!

        • We wrote a blog post about this, but it still helps to have all the information when looking to book a flight. Now, you can set calendar reminders for when to book an upcoming trip and plan your days off around these recommended flying dates!


Even more places in California better than Disneyland (have you been to any?) #california #travel #swimminghole #waterfall #tiktoktravel #beach ♬ Lose Control - Meduza & Becky Hill & Goodboys

            • #2. Visit places in your state that look like ANOTHER COUNTRY.

            • If flying isn’t your thing, then get in the car and explore parts of your state that you never thought to visit! This video made us realize that there are places that look like Portugal, Spain and Italy in our own backyard, California. You really can be a tourist in your own state! It's a great way to feel like you're getting away, while staying safe and close to home.

        • #3. Use your reward points for deals on tickets and more!

        • Who knew that there were sites out there that help you shop ticket deals by using your credit card's rewards program. Now put those points to use, and drink up that complimentary champagne!

        • Your credit card company may also have special deals on restaurants, shopping, and the sites. Use those money saving milestones to plan your trip.

Fancy a road trip in the South of Italy? 🇮🇹🛵💨 #italy #travel #roadtrip #puglia #apulia #basilicata #bari ♬ CountDown - T.M.T

        • #4. There are so many undiscovered cities.

        • We love traveling to quiet cities that just so happen to be off the beaten path. Sometimes we take those highly recommended gems, that may be a little hard to find, and get lost in the wonder of it all. This account shares some of those locations, with details on hotels and activities in the areas!

        • #5. We now have #MORNINGROUTINEGOALS

        • You can really have it all. A cup of freshly brewed coffee with fresh air and a great view isn't as hard to come by as you think.

        • He makes it look so easy! (And peaceful)
        • For your tiktok inspired adventures

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