For the fashion-conscious traveler, a hat is more than just an accessory; it's a statement piece that can define an entire outfit. However, keeping hats in optimal shape and condition while traveling can be challenging. From the risk of them getting crushed in a packed suitcase to the threat of unexpected weather conditions, a quality travel case for hats becomes an indispensable part of any traveler's arsenal.

Why It's Important to Have a Quality Travel Case for Hats


Travel can be tough on your belongings, and hats are no exception. A quality travel case built with durability in mind ensures your hats withstand the rigors of travel. These cases absorb shocks and impacts, preventing your hats from squashing or deforming.


Beyond physical damage, hats are susceptible to other elements like dust, moisture, and accidental spills. A well-constructed travel case offers a protective shield against these elements, keeping your hats dry and ready to wear upon arrival.

Types of Travel Cases for Hats

Hard Cases

Hard cases are the fortress of hat protection. Made from hard plastic or metal materials, they are the go-to option for fragile or high-value hats. These cases are especially useful for structured hats that need to maintain their shape under any circumstances.

Designed with the same hard shell material as our other TRNK styles, the Hat Box is perfect for your luggage collection. Available in three sizes – small, medium, and large – the TRNK Hat Box caters to various hat sizes and styles, ensuring your prized headwear remains in impeccable condition. Whether you're safeguarding a delicate fedora or a statement-making sunhat, there's a Hat Box size that's just right for your needs. Additionally, its versatility allows it to double as a super stylish weekend bag, blending functionality with fashion. Check out our selection and find the perfect Hat Box to complement your travel style and hat collection.

Soft Cases

Soft cases are a more flexible and lightweight option. Made from fabrics like nylon or canvas, they offer protection while being easy to carry and pack. These are ideal for more casual or flexible hats that can withstand a bit of pressure.

Cases With Shoulder Straps

For travelers who value convenience, cases with shoulder straps are a game-changer. They free up your hands and simplify navigating busy airports or train stations. These designs also include additional pockets for storing accessories like hat pins or cleaning cloths.

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Trnk Small Hat Box

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Trnk Medium Hat Box

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Trnk Large Hat Box

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Tips for Choosing the Right Travel Case for Your Hats

Size and Capacity

The right size and capacity are crucial. A case that's too small can crush your hat, while one that's too large can cause it to bounce around during transit. Consider the dimensions of your hats and choose a case that fits snugly without being overly tight.

Material and Design

The material choice affects both the level of protection and the weight of the case. Designs vary from sleek and professional to quirky and colorful. Choose a material and design that matches your aesthetic and suits the level of protection your hats require.

Usage Considerations

Your travel style should dictate the type of hat case you choose. Frequent flyers prefer something more robust and easy to carry, while occasional travelers opt for a more compact and stylish option.


Incorporating a quality travel case for hats into your packing list is a smart move for any traveler who wants to keep their hats in top condition. It's not just about protecting a fashion item; it's about preserving the style and elegance your hats add to your travel wardrobe. With the right case, you can ensure that your hats remain as travel-ready as you are, trip after trip.