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    Hi, I'm Amanda from BE CRAFTY! Join me today in a really fun DIY you won't regret trying!

    I'm obsessed with CALPAK's Packing Cubes! They are life changing when it comes to traveling. If you don't already have a set, you're going to want a set (or two!) after today's DIY!


    1. A set of CALPAK Packing Cubes
    2. Gold foil
    3. Adhesive
    4. Small paintbrush
    5. Iron & iron board (not pictured)

      STEP ONE : Create a super simple polka dot pattern, marking each dot lightly with a pencil. I used the alternating pattern of 5 to 4 dots for each row. You can see on my bag I started off with 5 dots and then on the next row I only used 4 dots.

      Using your paint brush, apply a small amount of foil adhesive onto your bag in a dot shape to match up with your pattern. You don't want the adhesive to be super thick!

      You can also use any design you want! This is your chance to get creative! 

      STEP TWO : Once you have your adhesive on the packing cube, roll out your gold foil and place the gold foil facing up over the adhesive. Make sure you have enough gold foil to cover the entire design.

      DO NOT pat down the gold foil with your hands!

      STEP THREE : Make sure your iron is plugged in and hot! I set my iron on the cotton setting and turned off the steam.

      Place your iron on top of the gold foil, pressing firming for a couple of seconds and then lifting the iron and pressing firmly on a new area. Do this on the entire packing cube to make sure your entire design is covered.

      STEP FOUR : Once you are finished and the foil is cool to the touch, pull the foil off from the packing cube.

      You can see the foil adhered to the CALPAK rubber logo on the bottom. If you don't want this to get foiled, put a piece of tape over the logo! 

      // Let's take this DIY a little further and make a cute little wood bead tassel! //

      Once you have gathered all your supplies and painted your beads, create a cute pattern and string your beads onto your leather string.

      After you have all your beads strung, tie a knot at the bottom!

      SUPER CUTE, right?!

      Imagine all the fun things you can gold foil!