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The Best Travel Gadgets You Didn't Know Existed

CALPAK Power Luggage Tag in Shimmer Pink.

Traveling comes with a number of unpredictable obstacles. We’ve searched through the internet to find some of the best travel gadgets that will make your trip easier and more enjoyable. These gadgets will change the way you travel! Oh, and they also make great gifts.  

CALPAK Power Luggage Tag in Shimmer Pink.

CALPAK Power Luggage Tag

No one likes a dead phone, especially when you’re in your Uber on the way to the airport. Enter: Power Luggage Tag. This nifty tag will save you from having to fight for outlet space at your gate. With more and more travel depending on the use of your cell phone, it is important that yours can always be fully charged!

PhoneSoap Smartphone Sanitizer

Lets face it–you probably don’t know the last time you sanitized your cell phone, if you’ve ever even sanitized it at all. We carry these things around all day, every day, and they’re honestly pretty grime-y. When you’re traveling, the last thing you want is to get sick. Being in a new environment with new germs, it is especially important to keep everything clean! With PhoneSoap, it only takes 10 minutes for your phone to be germ-free!

Tactical Credit Card Wallet Tool

This 12-in-1 tool card really packs a punch. It includes a knife, hex tool, blade sharpener, magnifying glass, compass, ruler, bottle opener, toothpick, metal tweezers, flint, a paracord, and an emergency whistle. Oh, and it’s only as thick as 4 credit cards! But be sure to pack this tool in your checked bag–we don’t think TSA would appreciate your cool new gadget quite as much as you.

E-Pill Pocket Pillbox

This pillbox will make sure that you never miss a dose again. You can set up to 4 daily alarms that will remind you to take your medication when you have a busy schedule or are enjoying your trip.

Microfiber Glasses Cleaner

Is it just me, or are your sunglasses always dirty? Enter: microfiber glasses cleaner tool. These cleaners come in a 5 pack so you can stash them all around your home, bags, and office.

Mini Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Not only is this the smallest, cutest portable speaker we’ve ever seen–it actually delivers on sound quality. The battery lasts 4 hours on full volume, and up to 6 hours at 50% volume. It weighs only 6.2 ounces, and is water-resistant. This speaker is great for travel, get the tunes bumping wherever you are!

Memory Foam Foot Rest

If you’re taking a lot of long flights, you should buy this foot rest immediately. The lift alleviates lower back pain during travel, and allows you to get into a more comfortable position. This foot rest would be great for a red eye flight!

Handheld Digital Luggage Scale

There are few things worse than getting to the airport and realizing that your checked bag is over the weight limit. From there you’re either in a frenzy, trying to move items around, or just bite the bullet and pay the overweight fee. This handheld scale eliminates this worry all together—just weigh your suitcase at your home or hotel! The small size of this scale makes it great to bring on your trip for when you inevitably come home with more than you brought.

Universal Travel Adapter

This travel adapter will help you utilize your outlet space when traveling abroad. This one has the proper voltage to use with hair appliances and other larger electronics. It also has two USB ports so you can charge your phone and smaller electronics at the same time!

Portable Mini Humidifier

We’re all way too familiar with the dry throat/nose/everything that flying and staying in a hotel can cause. This mini-humidifier is the solution to your problems. All that you need is a glass of water and an outlet, and you’re on your way to feeling fresh and moisturized.

LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

If you’re traveling to a rural area, it’s a great idea to invest in a LifeStraw Personal Water Filter. It filters water without the use of iodine, chlorine, or any other chemicals and removes 99.9999% of waterborne bacteria. This thing works so well that you can drink directly from murky streams and lakes.

Compact Folding Vanity & Travel Mirror

We’ve all been to a hotel where the mirror situation is less-than-ideal. I’ve started traveling with a portable mirror and it is a game-changer. This mirror contains a 1x magnification mirror on one side and a 10x magnifying mirror on the other. This makes it ideal for everything from applying makeup to tweezing your eyebrows. It has an LED light rim which is perfect for those rooms that don’t have enough natural light.

Silicone Travel Tubes

I personally think that silicone bottles make the perfect travel shampoo & conditioner containers because by the end of the trip, you can squish the bottle for the journey home. You can fill it up with the product you use at home, and won’t be buying travel sizes you use once and then throw away. You can’t beat the price of this 4-pack of silicone travel tubes!

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