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The #1 Organizational Tool to Change Your Life

Adjustable Divider for drawer

Adjustable divider organizers can help customize any drawer.

If “Tidying Up” taught us anything, it’s that organization works wonders not only within the home, but within the body. There is no greater feeling than coming home at the end of a long day, and seeing all of your physical belongings in the right place. De-cluttering and re-organizing are the best ways to re-center ourselves.

Recently, we discovered the number one organizational tool and it will. Change. Your. Life. Not only is it completely universal and relatable, it’s only $12. ($30 if you buy a pack of 4 😉) Meet the mDesign Adjustable Divider. This divider can be used practically anywhere, but here’s what we’re using it for…


Take a messy drawer of bras, swimsuits, and underwear, and turn it into the Pinterest drawer of your dreams.

Organization of underwear with the help of drawer dividers.


Keep your boyfriend’s retainer on his side, and your girlfriend’s lip balm on the other.

Clever way to organize your hair styling tools.


Take your mundane home goods and give them the Marie Kondo seal of approval.

Kitchen tools organization using adjustable dividers.

If you’re sitting here telling yourself, ‘I don’t need these. All I have to do is fold my clothes better…’ you’re probably fooling yourself. Just think about all the times your boyfriend’s hairbrush gets tangled up with yours, or the times you can’t find your favorite nude bra, because that’s what this divider will prevent. It’ll keep everything in tip top shape, and it’s designated place.


Here are some other CALPAK organization favorites!

mini drawer for space organization

Set of mini drawers is great to store small items.

Sterilite Mini 3-Drawer 2-Pack

These are perfect for all the little things roaming around your bathroom. Bandaids, eye masks, lip gloss, and more fit wonderfully in these drawers. Stack them on your bathroom counter or up in your cabinets, and you’ll always have a place for the little things in life.

standing rack for organized space

You can easily accommodate spices or other things on standing rack to save more space for your kitchen.

Nex 2-Tier Standing Spice Rack

Whether you use it for spices, canned goods, or your work-desk necessities, this rack can make anything look beautiful and organized. Plus, if you want to store it away, it collapses nicely and can be put away.

beauty products organizer

Cosmetic Carousel neatly organizes all kinds and sizes of cosmetics.

Nifty Cosmetic Carousel

If you’re like us, you have an endless amount of beauty products that you simply cannot live without. This carousel is perfect for getting ready in the mornings, because it’s compact, it spins smoothly, and keeps everything in once place. If you don’t like the white color, they have many more available!

Photos courtesy of mDesign, Sterilite, Nex and Nifty.

CALPAK packing cubes with floral print from OH Joy! collection

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CALPAK 3 piece packing cubes set with tutti-fruity print

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CALPAK five piece packing cubes set

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