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Places Worth Traveling For: The Spice Suite in Washington, D.C.

Angel Gregorio, founder of The Spice Suite.

Bright and eclectic founder of The Spice Suite, Angel Gregorio, is a direct reflection of her shop in more ways than one. The Spice Suite has become a go-to for tourists and locals alike to visit in Washington, D.C. by bringing the community together through pop-ups and activations. Let's just say your spice rack needs an upgrade and this inspiring shop has everything from "Magic Spice" to "Chimi-ish".


The Spice Suite is a spice shop and dream incubator.

If you could describe the vibe and ambiance of The Spice Suite, what would it be in 3 words?

Familiar, funky, and vibrant.

What’s your favorite part about having a storefront for people to come visit in your city?

Being able to own a shop in the city I grew up in, minutes away from my childhood home.

Angel Gregorio at The Spice Suite, located in Washington, D.C.

What’s your favorite item that you’re selling at the moment?

  • My new set of dinner plates.

How do you want The Spice Suite to be remembered in history?

I want this to be remembered as a spice shop that invited community in and shared the space everyday. We host pop-up shops for local small businesses and have hosted over 400 pop-ups so far.

3 must visit locations in Washington D.C. (for food, for inspiration, for fun)

FOOD: KitchenCray Cafe
FUN: The Catwalk Boutique 

Angel Gregorio dispensing olive oil at The Spice Suite, located in Washington, D.C.

Ready to visit Washington, DC?

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Ready to visit Washington, DC?

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