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NEW: The Silk Travel Set

It’s here, it’s here, IT’S HERE! Over the last year, we’ve taken our time developing something that is totally new, and totally special to all of us: a Silk Travel Set. Our team of travelers felt like one of the biggest things missing from our product line was a really beautiful and really good neck pillow. So selfishly, we made one, and we didn’t stop there.

CALPAK neck pillows and eye masks in various colors

CALPAK Neck pillows and Eye masks in luxurious silk in various colors.


Silk Neck Pillow

  • Made with premium, hypoallergenic silk for healthy hair
  • Has a removable, washable cover
  • Magnetic snap for quick and easy release
CALPAK Silk neck pillow in rose gold

CALPAK Neck Pillow is a part of Silk Travel Set in Rose Gold.

CALPAK silk eye mask in rose gold

CALPAK Eye Mask is a part of Silk Travel Set in Rose Gold.

Silk Eye Mask

  • Made with premium, hypoallergenic silk for healthy skin
  • Under eye support to reduce morning puffiness
  • Blackout lining for deeper sleep

Clear Tote

  • Designed to hold all your travel essentials
  • Keeps neck pillow, eye mask, and other belongings away from dirt and grime
  • Fits right over the trolley of your luggage
Clear bag to hold silk travel pillow and eye mask

CALPAK Silk Travel Set comes in a plastic a clear tote bag.

Not only is this Silk Travel Set completely and totally awesome, exciting, thrilling, innovative, comfortable, dreamy, luxurious, and cute AF, you can wear it multiple ways! Most of us love twisting it and resting our heads to the side. Some like to have it on the shoulder for those long car rides. And others just love it the good ole fashioned way. You do you, boo boo!

CALPAK Silk Travel Set is a perfect gift for your frequently travelling friends.

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