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Impress The Special Guy In Your Life With These

Nikkolos with the Jen Atkin Collection Trunk and Carry-on Luggage as well as the Hue Duffel and Toiletry Bag

Nikkolas Mohammed with the CALPAK Jen Atkin Carry-on and Trunk Luggage in Black, along with the Hue Duffel in Hazel and Toiletry Bag in Black.

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Nikkolas Mohammed w/ the CALPAK Jen Atkin Carry-on and Trunk Luggage in Black, along w/ the Hue Duffel in Hazel and Toiletry Bag in Black.

Are you wondering how to inspire your loved one to take you on a weekend getaway? We have the secret weapon — great travel gear. As someone who's always on the go and looking forward to a couple international trips this year, Nikkolos Mohammed is here to tell us what a guy is really looking for in bags and luggage. He's interested in not only function, but also style and ease. These are gifts he's sure the guy in your life would love for your next trip together. So, here it is — what you should get the special guy for Valentine's Day: as told by visual artist and DREAMHAUS LA Co-Founder, Nikkolos Mohammed.

"Something I didn't know I needed was the Hue Toiletry Bag. For guys, when we travel, we just throw stuff together and we're not really organized about it. The toiletry bag helps in so many regards. There's plenty of space to put everything you're going to use in the bathroom. Get your sh*t together."

"The next pick are these CALPAK Packing Cubes. They're very essential because when you're traveling — going there is easy but traveling back is always tough. These makes things organized and they're easy to pack."

"The next pick is the Hue Collection Duffel Bag, specifically in Hazel. It's really great for complementing your wardrobe but also your lady's wardrobe while traveling. My favorite feature on the duffel bag is the sleeve to put onto your carry-on. There's a nice little sly pocket to put your phone, pocket wi-fi, and essentials. It's just a great overall bag."

"The Jen Atkin Trunk in black. I was very reluctant about anything that rolls I'm just used to a duffel bag, being a sport's guy. The texture on the outside is pretty masculine and pretty fly. The locks functions really well and on the inside, there's so much depth and so many pockets. There's nothing you can't fit in here. It's really great."

"Lastly, the Jen Atkin Carry-On in black. It has the same design essentials as what I described for the trunk — black, the texture, the locks. It's a great overall carry-on for a weekend getaway with your loved one."

For more of Nikkolos' favorite travel essentials for men, browse our Valentine's Day Gift Guide For Him to make sure your guy is ready for your next romantic getaway together!

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