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2020 Horoscopes: Where Will This Year Take You?

What adventures does 2020 hold for you? The answer is in the stars. Find out your 2020 travel horoscope, and the best vacation destination for your zodiac sign.

Horoscope, 2020, Travel, Aquarius, Barcelona, Spain


Barcelona, Spain

You march to the beat of your own drum—visit a city that’s as independent as you are.

When To Go: Early fall or late spring to avoid crowds.

What To Bring: Croc Travel Wallet in Cognac

Horoscope, 2020, Travel, Pisces, trancoso, brazil


Trancoso, Brazil

You have zero interest in the standard all-inclusive getaway. This Brazilian artisan town brings the dreamy vibes you need.

When To Go: December - January for the festive season. March - April for a calmer vibe.

What To Bring: Trnk 2-Piece Luggage Set in Black

Horoscope, 2020, Travel, aries, himalayan kingdom, bhutan


Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan

You need to feel like you’re charting new territory when you travel. The Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan is the perfect fit for your inner pioneer.

When To Go: September - November when the amazing Himalayan views are the best.

What To Bring: Glenroe Backpack in Nude

Horoscope, 2020, Travel, taurus, redwoods, california


Redwoods, California

You love to treat yourself to fresh air and beautiful surroundings. A wellness retreat in the Redwoods fits your outdoorsy-yet-cozy personality.

When To Go: Year-round for signature 4-5 day retreats.

What To Bring: Luka Belt Bag in Black

Horoscope, 2020, Travel, gemini, berlin, germany


Berlin, Germany

You need lots of quirky energy and intellectual stimulation—so you’ll feel right at home in Berlin’s avant-garde music and art scene.

When To Go: Peak summer season, as Berlin is one of the few European cities that puts its best foot forward in July and August.

What To Bring: Luka Carry-On in Black

Horoscope, 2020, Travel, leo, sri lanka, south asia, astyll, midnight marble, luggage


Sri Lanka, South Asia

A culturally-rich destination, Sri Lanka’s the perfect travel pick for naturally passionate and sophisticated Leos like you.

When To Go: October - April (summer brings monsoon season).

What To Bring: Astyll 2-Piece Luggage Set in Midnight Marble

Horoscope, 2020, Travel, virgo, south africa, stevyn, duffel bag


South Africa

A beach trip won’t satisfy your restless spirit. South Africa has all the rich culture, cuisine, and wildlife you need to stay stimulated.

When To Go: May - September, when wildlife watching is prime.

What To Bring: Stevyn Duffel in Moss

Horoscope, 2020, Travel, libra, paris, france, hue, duffel bag


You need a destination that’s just the right balance of elegant and exotic. Paris is the classic, whimsical choice.

When To Go: April or May for freshly blooming parks, or a fall visit for layering up!

What To Bring: Hue Duffel Bag in Black

Horoscope, 2020, Travel, scorpio, mexico city, mexico, mini baye


Mexico City, Mexico

You’re attracted to mystery and spirituality, and Mexico City’s rich, vibrant culture brings that in droves (not to mention an insane food scene!).

When To Go: Plan around Día de los Muertos for an extra memorable trip, October 31st-November 2nd.

What To Bring: Mini Baye in Milk Marble

Horoscope, 2020, Travel, sagittarius, peru, backpack, pear



You’re always on a quest for knowledge and adventure—experiencing Peru’s natural wonders and ancient ruins will give you both.

When To Go: April through October

What To Bring: Kaya Backpack in Navy


Horoscope, 2020, Travel, capricorn, galapagos, ecuador, vanity case


Galápagos, Ecuador

You work hard, Cap—escaping to this exotic, sustainability-minded destination will be the perfect relaxing break from your daily grind.

When To Go: December - June for warmer weather.

What To Bring: Vanity Case in Trnk Nude

Horoscope, 2020, Travel, cancer, florence, gold marble, luggage



You need a destination that satisfies your sensitive spirit. Florence’s friendly locals are sure to point you toward the most romantic, prettiest piazza.

When To Go: Traditionally, visitors enjoy it most from May to October.

What To Bring: Jen Atkin Carry-On in Gold

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